Monday, July 14, 2014


This website details the construction of a Double BiQuad external antenna for various frequencies.

The Double BiQuad antenna is fairly easy to build and provides reliable 13-14dBi Gain with a well wide beam width, and it has very forgiving design so you can make quite a big margin of error.

I used computer software 4nec2 (antenna modeler and optimizer) version 5.8.11 to model theoretically the perfect antenna. All measurements based on very careful analysis with computer software which results many times has been proven to be quite accurate and reliable in physical world. I tested some antennas personally and the results supported 4nec2 software rather other guides to how to make handmade BiQuad antenna. See here

Below is listed currently available instructions for handmade 13-14dBi Double BiQuad external antenna.



After you build your own antenna, you need a proper Low Loss Cable with connectors to connect antenna with your modem/router.
Here is  Guide to Antenna Cables & Connectors